TUNE is a sci-fi comedy adventure of interdimensional proportions. When art school drop-out Andy Go resigns himself to a lackluster day job, he unknowingly corners himself into a life of incarceration. In a parallel universe. But when all hope seems lost, he inexplicably finds friends who may hold the key to his escape. Will he make it back home? Will he survive the attempt? Will he ever get laid? Read TUNE and find out for yourself!

TUNE is written by Derek Kirk Kim and illustrated by Les McClaine. (The first 10 chapters are illustrated by Derek Kirk Kim.)

You can also follow the adventures of Andy Go in a parallel timeline in the spin-off series, Mythomania, also written and directed by Derek Kirk Kim. What if Andy had never taken that job with the Praxians? What if he moved to Los Angeles with Tony after college and pursued a career in comics? Click the images below to watch the first two episodes and find out!

DEREK KIRK KIM is the award-winning author and filmmaker behind “Same Difference,” “Mythomania,” “Good As Lily”(with Jesse Hamm), and “The Eternal Smile”(with Gene Luen Yang.) He has also contributed stories and artwork to numerous anthologies including “Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall,” “Flight, Volume 1,” and “Bizarro World.” Check out his other works at derekkirkkim.com.

LES McCLAINE is the Eisner-nominated author of “Johnny Crossbones,” “Life With Leslie,” “Repeat Until Death,” and “Highway 13.” He has also illustrated numerous comics including “The Tick” and “The Middleman.” In 2008, “The Middleman” was made into a TV series for ABC Family. Follow him on Twitter.