And now the winners of the TUNE, Book 1 Title Contest!

Michael Stupin
“Vanishing Point”

Steve Mruskovic
“Help Wanted”

Kara Wright
“Any Other World”

Congratulations to the winners!!

The winning title was chosen because it encapsulated a lot themes in the story, particularly that of the first volume. Not only does it literally signify the moment Andy vanishes from his plane of existence, it also hints at the larger theme of art, which the story is very much about. Also, a vanishing point is something abstract; something always in the far distance on the horizon. No matter where you are in space, the vanishing point will forever be out of reach…. Something that very much applies to Andy and his dreams. So thank you Michael for the great title!

But there were so many great entries, particularly the runner-ups, so it was very hard to choose, believe me. To everyone that entered, my sincerest thank you! I am eternally grateful for your help.