Introducing… Mo!


I will be screening the entire 1st season of Mythomania this coming Monday (Oct 3rd) at the David Henry Hwang Theater in Los Angeles. It’s on the second floor of the Union Center for the Arts if you’ve never been there.

Admission: FREE
($3 suggested donation)

Join the cast and crew of Mythomania for a special, one night screening of the entire debut season! (Episodes 1-9) This hour long film will start at 8pm, followed by a Q+A with the cast and crew.

For more details, check out the facebook event page.

This is the way I always intended this show to be seen. It was written as a 1-hour show and was only broken up into a “season” to conform to a “webseries” format. Really, the 1st “season” is the first episode of an hour long show. Hope to see you there!